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Posted by on Oct 22, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

What Marketers Can Learn From a Skateboarding Whiz

Rodney Mullen is the Einstein among skateboarders. His creative wit and technical ability in concert make him the inventor of the most jaw dropping tricks. The dark slide (a personal favorite) is one of around 32 tricks he’s created and inspired many more.

He combines the past Californian surf style (i.e. flat surface tricks like spinning 360 degrees) with the current urban street style (i.e. jumping staircases, sliding down rails, flipping the skateboard, etc) and forgets about what is impossible. It’s as if physics do not apply to him. Past and present together make him a unique and unforgettable skateboarder.

With rally cries for innovative entrepreneurship to usher in the next wave of industry, it’s easy to forget about the past. It’s always inspiring to thumb through old advertising awards books. It can be refreshing to see campaigns without the influence of Photoshop—when the idea wasn’t so stylized and masked in intricate design work.

As we are constantly looking for the next new advertising campaign, products, service, etc, it’s easy to remember what happened two, three, five, years ago. But look deeper. Advertising campaigns have been around a lot longer than ten years. Dig deep into the past creative works and see what the guiding principles were then and how they’ve changed. Connecting the past brilliance with today’s thinking will yield something new, different and interesting.

Blending different eras together makes Rodney unique, different and a blast to watch. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he goes beyond the basics to be an inventor of new.

Take a look at this video to see how fusing different eras can inspire creativity.

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