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Posted by on Sep 26, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

Under Armour Doesn’t Care About Me

As most people that buy gym memberships after the holidays, I was really excited about getting into shape. To prepare for my new look, I went to the Under Armour outfitter to buy some work out clothes.

I’m a small guy, so I was surprised when all of the gym attire could hardly make it past my arms. My god I thought, should I have been working out before I bought my work out clothes? I’ve seen enormous football players, five times my size, fit into these shirts. After I was able to fit into a large (I’m a small), I looked like I’d gained 50 pounds.

Discouraged, I went with Reebok, because I could fit into a medium shirt. On the way home, I realized something– I’m not supposed to wear Under Armour. The designers at Under Armour do not want me to buy their clothing. I’m a skinny guy just under six feet tall. Had they wanted me to buy their apparel, they would have used the Reebok design. Instead, they made up their mind that the only people that could fit into their clothes and function properly are athletes.

Guys with muscles and 0% body fat are supposed to wear Under Armor and that’s why they’ve been so successful. They haven’t compromised or diluted their brand by chasing after people that don’t matter. I matter to Reebok, not Under Armor. The barriers Under Armour has created to gate-in a very specific community has ultimately made them successful.

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