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Posted by on Oct 15, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

The Difference of ¼” of Plastic

Recently, I tossed an accordion binder and vowed never to use them again. Now, I use file folders in a cabinet to store my papers. Though I paid around $8.99 for the large accordion binder, I got gypped. It’s not because the tab holding it together broke, it’s because had the manufacturer added ¼” of plastic to the fastener, I wouldn’t be using a file cabinet.

Furthermore, had the manufacturer tested their product, they would know it cannot withstand the pressure of the contents inside it. If they tried it out, they would understand, ¼” more plastic on the fastener would save it from breaking. I would have paid a dollar extra for a fastener that would withstand all of my files.

Testing your product before it goes to market is a given. Had they invested the ¼” plastic, they would have a return customer and potentially new referrals. Because they couldn’t invest those couple additional cents into their product, they’ve lost more than several dollars.

It goes to show, investing that ¼” plastic into your product to make it from broken to functional is the difference between cents and dollars.

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