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Posted by on Oct 4, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

Testing Your Chicken Piccata

Excited to try out my new meat mallet (?), I planned to cook chicken piccata. I’m not a great cook, but an aspiring one. I pounded out the chicken, then cooked it in a pan with white wine. As the wine boiled down, I added more until the chicken was cooked.

Though the breaded outside was more like a doughy crumbling shell, it didn’t look terrible. My expectations were very low for my chicken piccata. Since it was my first time making it and stretch outside of my skill level, what could I expect?

As I sat down eat my somewhat mangled looking piece of chicken, I began to feel like maybe I wasn’t that bad of a chef after all. At least it was in one piece. After I took a bite, my confidence dissolved and was replaced by nausea. Yes, I managed to cook chicken that tasted like death. I settled on peas and rice and tossed the chicken.

Unfortunately, some products and services are like my chicken piccata–no one did a taste test before they were sold on it. Had I spent a minute to check the sauce to make sure it wasn’t too acidic, I could have pulled it off. Unfortunately for me, I was too rushed and busy with washing the dishes and making the rest of the meal. I trusted that everything would go to plan.

Before an important project, whether it’s a new product or ad campaign, test the waters. Gaining some perspective in the near-term will save you from regretting your blind faith in the long-term.

Fortunately for me and the rest of the world, I am not a restaurant chef. There was only the sacrifice of having a vegetarian dinner. For entrepreneurs and industry professionals, much more is at stake. It is your career, reputation and money. Just because you might be rushed or pre-occupied doesn’t mean you would want to leave all of that up to chance, would you?

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