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Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

Why a $18 Shoe is Worth More Than a $200 Shoe

Searching for a new pair of pants at Urban Outfitters, I found myself buying a new pair of shoes instead. I bought the cheapest shoes in the store. They smelled like chemicals and looked like Keds, so why buy them? I am somewhat of a shoe aficionado. I have a $200 pair of Campers in my closet beside my $18 UO Ked look-alikes. I’ve worn my Campers about four times in the past year. I wear my $18 Urban Outfitter shoes almost every day. Though they smell like chemicals, I’m not scared to wear them. I know that if the canvas rips, I can have another pair shipped to my house in the next couple of days. My $200 pair, however, well… if even a scratch marks the leather, I’d be devastated. I get $200 out of my $18 shoes, whereas just the opposite is true for my $200 pair of shoes. Interested in buying the same shoe in a different color (maybe blue…), I went to Navigating...

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