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Posted by on Nov 7, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

The New York Minute

Do you know where the New York Minute originated from? The New York Minute came from the subway time schedule. All trains leave one minute later than scheduled, on purpose. That extra minute is for the laggards that cannot make the train on time. Allow yourself a New York Minute. You might find you get more accomplished. By adding a “minute,” you allow for flexibility. Maybe you have a New York Minute by scheduling your blog posts ahead of schedule so you aren’t overwhelmed by other work and cannot post. Or, maybe it’s working on your business plan while you have a couple of minutes to spare. Because if you do not allow yourself that extra time, it might never get finished, or at least finished on time. “Buying” a minute can be tremendously valuable to effectively manage your time. Whether it’s catching the train (though you’re late) or crafting an A+ business plan (as you allow more review time), a New York Minute can make all the...

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