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Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Best of Us Challenge

The Best of Us Challenge is a competition to create some buzz for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It’s not your standard competition, however. It’s all about the b-sports like hula hooping. And to top it off, you’re being challenged by Olympians. Michael Phelps will challenge you to speed putting, professional snowboarder Lindsay Jacobells will challenge you to a hula hooping contest and the list goes on. And not only can you post your performance, you can create different challenges. Those contestants that come out on top get a chance to go to the Winter Olympics. This contest works on many levels to engage users that other promotional campaigns could take note from: Have Fun: Start with a fun concept. If you’re constantly thinking about how to make your product or service buzzworthy, you’re going to talk about the product or service, not the fun. Be Relevant: It wouldn’t make sense for the Winter Olympics to have mural painting contest. Though it might spark some fantastic user-generated art, it...

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