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Posted by on Oct 3, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Just Because You’re Number One, Doesn’t Mean People Care

When we typically think of number one, maybe the first finisher in a race comes to mind. (Think Nike.) But what does it mean to be number one? At a high level, it’s about relevance. Relevance is critical. If what you’re doing is not relevant to a community, who is going to care? People care about football, that’s why being the best quarterback in town matters. However the fastest basket weaver in the class might raise a few eyebrows but no one really cares—it’s not relevant to a larger community. When developing your business, ensure there is an opportunity for success. Who is interested in your category? No one is interested in a vacuum with a clock radio, but they will be if the vacuum lasts 20 years. The key is not to just be number one, but to be number one in a category people care...

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