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Posted by on Nov 25, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

You Cannot Force People to Have Fun

I do not like jumping out of planes. I do not gardening. I do not want know karake. If you were to throw me out of a plane, make me pull weeds or even attempt to make me put on the white karake pajamas, I’d be very unhappy. If I smiled when I was doing any of these things, well, it would be quite obvious that it was forced. Just as it would be clearly fake for me to enjoy planting a rose bush, the same is true for the Microsoft customer service staff “enjoying” this painful dancing routine: This is the distinction between Google and Microsoft. Google actually has fun in their own geeky way while Microsoft painstakingly tries to be “gettin’ giggy wit it.” Consumers can see through the painful attempts to be “cool.” If there is anything that we could learn from this Microsoft video, it’s about authenticity. If you are not a company that breaks out into dance, don’t break out into dance. Simple as...

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