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Posted by on Dec 7, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Investing in the Future

You never know who you’re going to work alongside in say 15 years. Consider this picture of Ronald Regan in 1988 shaking hands with the pre-pubescent Vladimir Putin. Who are you going to cross paths with now that will rise through the ranks to join you someday on the same level: If you’re an established industry leader, investing in young talent is key to injecting new life and ideas into your company. Even more important is finding the right talent to begin with. The strategy is to invest in young talent with drive, motivation. This signals potential to grow and flourish within your company. The secondary attribute your should look for is the right personality. If you do not mesh on your first interview, you might not want to hire them though they are talented and driven. You are as efficient and effective as your ability to communicate and share your ideas. Gut feelings are powerful and while you should not always rely on them, it’s not wise to...

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