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Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

Jim Carry Putting the Magic Back Into the Web

Jim Carry’s new website illustrates how creativity and design can bring the magic back to the web. Most of the time, the web serves as an information conduit. It’s about speed and sorting through the enormous amounts of data and information — whether it’s to find the next hilarious video or get an update on the latest breaking story. For webmasters, this trend towards information has eliminated much of the mystery and magic that got people interested in the web to begin with. It was all about Flash — how could you incorporate a completely branded experience for your customer? Was it a splash page or really cool graphic navigation? We are now in the age of SEO — the complete opposite of Flash. SEO is about using text that can be indexed by search engines to boost traffic referrals.  However, Carry’s new website demonstrates that Flash is not dead — it’s very much alive. The website immerses the user into the mysterious world of Jim Carry. It’s full-screen...

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Posted by on Oct 29, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

How Subtle Design Changes Can Make a Sustainable Impact

Taking a lesson from’s Digg Success and Examining How You Can Make and Impact To my surprise there are an incredible amount of WordPress plugins that incorporate social network widgets (or APIs). Everything form Digg to Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr–WordPress seems to have a widget plugin. Considering adding a widget to apointb, I searched for best-in-class uses of widgets to see if it is appropriate. Interestingly, when incorporated, “ on Digg,” into its website, traffic from Digg to Time increased by 164% and Time stories on the Digg homepage increased by 55% monthly. The deeper issue here is visibility. The more visible and accessible you make a feature, the more likely your audience is to use it. Case-in-point, simply added a Digg widget–making the social network more accessible to its audience–and their Digg traffic skyrocketed. To determine which feature to emphasize on your site, first consider the purpose of your website. If you manage an e-commerce site, your priorities are much different than a news...

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