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Posted by on Sep 18, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Professor Bun Bun’s Intro to Marketing

With a doctorate in herbology and certificate to authenticate it, my girlfriends dwarf bunny, Professor Bun Bun leaves quite an impression.

Every time our landlord or friend stops by, it’s always, “How’s the professor?” I’ve had many animals (a dog, cat and some others, turtle, gecko you name it) and no one has been “enthusiastic” about seeing them.

Though she is a black dwarf bunny, the back-story (her degree in herbology) is what makes her a visitor favorite. She is not just another bunny, she’s one with a degree in herbology from Cornell.

Creating a compelling story makes products, people, brands and things more interesting. Take example from a luxury brand such as the Ritz Carlton. In general, purveyors of luxury are detail-oriented. Cherries are not just cherries, they’re port cherries, and a French crisp salad is no ordinary leafy pile–it’s pepato, hearts of palm, white crane springs greens, villa manodori balsamic.

Details, details, details. Think of Harry Potter. From Quidditch to elaborate spell names like Aguamenti and Expelliarmus (there’s an entire dictionary of HP spell names on Wikipedia), J.K. Rowling was so detail-oriented she was able to create such a real, yet imaginary world.

Though details can create the illusion of a compelling product (i.e. Denny’s couldn’t go into Ritz Carlton-type of detail), it has to be authentic. If your salad has white crane spring greens, then say so. But if you purchased your leafy greens at TOPS, don’t fluff an already boring product.

In the end, it’s about being appropriate. It’s fun to have a dwarf bunny that has a degree from an ivy league school.

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