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Posted by on Oct 2, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

Preventing Power Outages

A toaster, air conditioner, coffee pot, computer and everything goes black. I’m still getting used to a new apartment building. It was formerly a hotel about a hundred years ago. When the electrical engineer designed the power grid, they did not count on supplying  the energy to all of my electrical devices.

It was rather funny because I’ve never maxed-out the power before–as I’ve always lived in updated apartments. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Did I pay my electric bills? Was there a widespread outage earlier that morning? It took maintenance two seconds to solve my problem: restart the breakers.

Entrepreneurs face similar challenges. Press releases, social media, interviews, distribution, financials, business plans, marketing plans are some of the many tasks an emerging entrepreneur confront. Managing the chaos is challenging and exhausting.

Just as my toaster, air conditioner, coffee pot and computer burned-out my electrical supply, don’t let all of your responsibilities snuff-out your flame. It’s about being realistic. You cannot do everything at once, so prioritize and figure out what needs to be done and in what order. If you try to tackle everything at once, you’re going to have a power outage.

Consultants are a fantastic tool to help you gain perspective and prioritize. As they often have years of industry experience and know-how, they can take an objective look at where your goals should be and how you can get there.

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