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Posted by on Sep 25, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Not Everyone Can Do It, That’s Why It’s Interesting

To discover how your brand can be interesting, identify what you can do that others cannot. How are you pushing against the status quo? Is it consistently making a phenomenal latte (Starbucks), or is it computing at the most simple level (Apple)?

Not every café can consistently make an exceptional cappuccino. That’s what makes Starbucks so valuable to so many people. And not every computer company can be as user-friendly as Apple. Because others cannot offer better, brands that push and stretch to new heights are naturally interesting and consequently become popular. Typically, interesting brands are number one in their market (e.g. Apple is the number one computer for creatives).

When you find you’ve made a unique product, you’re number one in that category. However, being number one doesn’t always mean you’re interesting. Crafting a broom with a radio embedded into it is not interesting. Sure, you’re number in the radio / broom market, but because you’re not interesting, you will fail to be popular.

Think about it in a different perspective. Let’s go back to high school. The All Star quarter back can do what others cannot. His talents are above all others on the team. Therefore, he becomes interesting.

The principle applies to all facets of life, whether it’s in business or the local high school football team. Finding your unique selling proposition and following through on it will make you a valuable commodity in the market.

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