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Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Ninjas and Rewarding Creativity

The other day, I passed a man with a sign that read, “Wife and Family Kidnapped by Ninjas. Need Money for Kung Fu Lessons.” Call me Scrooge, but I normally don’t give money to homeless people. Partly because I hardly ever carry change (and I have trust issues with my credit card) and if I do have change, how could I only give it to one person and not the other 3 people that ask?

But for this guy, I could certainly spare a couple of quarters. If he was just asking for change, I’d keep my money. But I had to reward him for his creativity. The same principle applies to advertising. The typical message is, “could you give us your money because we have a better product?” Thank you for asking, but I’ll keep my change. You’re no better than the guy just simply asking for money because… what, he’s worth it?

Inject some creativity into your message. It could be as simple as, “No dogs. No cats. But who are we to say no if you bring in a walrus?” (This line was used by a coffee shop I believe. Not sure who to credit, as I first heard in about four years ago.) With more voices vying for attention on the web, it’s not enough to just say your better, show how you are better with a bit of creativity and guts.

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