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Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

Mozilla Raindrop and Web Intelligence Tools

Mozilla recently announced its new project, Raindrop. From the company that brought you Thunderbird, an open-source e-mail client, Raindrop aims to make the inbox fun again. By eliminating the democratic inbox (my work e-mail has the same value as a JetBlue coupon), Raindrop aims to bring some intelligence to e-mail. It will create a value hierarchy whereby e-mail that is more important to you will have a more prominent spot in the inbox.

Though Raindrop will not provide all of the answers to e-mail, it taps into the emerging trend in web 2.0 (or maybe web 3.0) of intelligent computing. With seemingly endless amounts of data, it can be overwhelming to face it all. As a result, we are going to increasingly rely on technology that understands our unique preferences and does the sifting for us.

Google Reader’s Magic feature is a great example of this. Essentially, Google Reader Magic scours the web for posts that are most relevant to you. As you build your user history, it can better find information that you’d be interested in. Therefore, you don’t need 250 subscriptions and waste time finding interesting nuggets. Simply build a small browsing history and let the algorithm do the work for you.

As more data and information permeates our lives, web intelligence tools will become more necessary than ever before. Those companies that can develop intelligence tools to make sense of this overwhelming amount of data will ride this rising trend.

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