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Posted by on Oct 6, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Microwave VS Boiled Communications

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a lot of 8-minute microwave potatoes. I’ve always enjoyed baked, but the microwave is so much more convenient.

In fact, I’ve been using the microwave for many more foods since my love for microwaved spuds started. Broccoli, carrots, mixed veggies are among many of the microwave side dishes I enjoy. Enjoy… as in I enjoy all the free time it gives me to focus on other things. Not the taste, of course. I’ve always enjoyed boiled veggies for their flavor.

My microwave veggies are about convenience without quality of taste, and boiled veggies are about more effort and yumminess. In the communications world, e-mails are about convenience, right? You can blast an e-mail to everyone in the company, at the sacrifice of the intricacies of a person-to-person interaction. And the person-to-person interaction is like boiled veggies–they take longer, but there is a value there that’s not in e-mail / microwave communications.

In the fast-paced digital world we live in, convenience is overshadowing quality. As our schedules get increasingly tighter, there is a feeling of complacency and efficiency in communications. E-mails are increasingly used in the business world, and can create a discord and misunderstanding between management and employees.

It’s about being appropriate, not convenient. If you’re communicating something important to your team, the microwave approach is not the best option. Just as I would never let guests eat my microwave broccoli, it is unwise to communicate important information via e-mail. Understanding digital etiquette is essential to cultivate effective company communications.

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