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Posted by on Oct 11, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

McDonalds and the Louvre: McLouvre?

Next time you visit the Mona Lisa, would you want to get a whiff of greasy fries? McDonalds recently announced it is going to set-up shop in the Louvre. Though McDonalds will try to create a high-end atmosphere, it is a true clash of brands: prestigious art museum meets low-grade, homogeneous fast-food.

From a branding standpoint, this move is not one that will benefit the Louvre. By introducing cheap fast food to a museum known for its class and beauty, ultimately, it will lose charm and appeal. It’s about keeping on-brand.

Consider Isaac Mizrahi’s decision to feature his designs in Target. Yes, Target is a national chain. However, of the national chains, Target is most on-brand for Mizrahi. If the high-end designer were to be featured in Wal-Mart, he would be making a “McLouvre.”

When considering cross promotions and brand affiliations it is crucial to make sure it’s on-brand. When you think of Target, it’s higher end than market competitors, however when you think of the Louvre, the last restaurant that would come to mind would be McDonalds. A brand clash might help one brand (i.e. McDonalds), but could be to the detriment of the other (i.e. the Louvre).

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