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Posted by on Nov 19, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Know Your Market, Know Your Niche

Coca Cola and Pepsi are the go-to sodas for the majority of people; it’s one or the other. That idea really upsets John Nese, the proprietor of Galcos Soda. He features hundreds of varieties of soda in his store. Everything from Romanian Rose to Q. Cumber soda. Though he might be a little nuts, he typifies an entrepreneur that owns a niche. No where in the country could you find a selection similar to that in Galcos Soda.

Though there is not a mainstream demand for such an array of soda, John has develop a unique product in the market. He illustrates how to own your niche by:

Knowing your market — Who knows the only soda in the dictionary? John does and it’s Moxie.
Offering a unique product — Galcos Soda is the only store to sell Romanian Rose soda.
Staying passionate — John is constantly looking for the next, fantastic “micro-soda.” It is a life-long pursuit.

The Galcos Soda market will not explode into a national chain. There simply is not the demand to support it. However, for those few soda enthusiasts like John, Galcos Soda is an indispensable necessity — a mecca of sorts. How can you create a mecca or an indispensable product?

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