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Posted by on Nov 24, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

It’s OK to Dream Big

If you could imagine the best computer, what would it be? Or, what would the best car look like? While we need to strike a balance between what is possible and impossible (at this time), we need to understand that dreaming big gets us further to the “impossible.” Consider this video of the future computer:

The computer looks like an innovation from the Beyond Year 2000 show on the Discover Channel. You might put it up there with the floating car and the augmented reality goggles. However, we need to go to such creative heights if we are ever to get even halfway there. The more we stretch, the further we can go.

Think Star Trek: the first mobile phone, personal computer, memory disc and Blue Tooth headset were once impossible dreams on the sci-fi show. Now they are everyday realities. Instead of thinking what was possible, the creators of Star Trek just imagined — no holds barred.

How would your product or service be different if there were no limits? In other words, what is the most perfect version of your product? Once you have this in mind, start to think about how to make it possible. While you might not reach your vision immediately, set yourself on a path that gets you there.

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