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Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

It Might Be Important

“To live every week like it’s Shark Week might be a metaphor for living in our media environment,” writes a columnist in national magazine.

This might be a terrible excerpt to bold in the editorial, or it might not be. Reading this blurb I had to laugh because it could potentially be an interesting, provocative statement. But it falls flat. The addition of “might be” makes this statement weak and very noncommittal. One side or the other–which is it?

The same is true in business. The most successful entrepreneurs often have two essential attributes: smarts and commitment. If you think your business might be profitable, then it might not be a worthy pursuit. Going into the game with the firm belief that yes, you will win is the only way to win. Do you think Barack Obama or John McCain thought, “I might be then next president of the United States.” No, both of them believed they were going to be the one.

It is really the difference between logical and belief systems. Logically speaking, yes your entrepreneurial endeavor could fail. However, the chances of failure are heavily influenced by the level of commitment and belief of success. Often times entrepreneurs work double the typical work week hours and go without relative compensation. “Might be” is not in their lexicon.

The “might be” attitude lends itself to a defeatism philosophy. Instead of thinking about how your business might fail, spend that brain power on making it work. Preparing for pitfalls is one thing, but a diluted future outlook can be fatal.

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