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Posted by on Nov 13, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

Is Google Oversimplifying?

Several days ago, Google decided to strip-down it’s already stripped-down homepage. In a word, they’re oversimplifying. Instead of having the few links at the top of the search page, Google delivers the most bare-boned version yet — with only the logo and search bar. What doesn’t make any sense is if you scroll over the page, the Google homepage we’ve grown to love appears. So what’s the point of having such a bare-bones page when it can go away so easily?

Google is known for delivering simple, easy-to-use products — from search to Gmail to Docs — but the latest move to simplify the homepage goes a bit overboard. There is a point where you can oversimplify and unravel the brilliance of fantastic products like Google Search. After you’ve simplified your product, ensure it’s still functional. If it fails the functionality test, well… back up a couple of steps and fix it.

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