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Posted by on Oct 9, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

How to be Interesting with Baking Soda and Crayons

faur_finalWhat do crayons and baking soda have in common? Or, what does Arm & Hammer have in common with artist Christian Faur?

Christian Faur is known for his use of Crayola crayons to make stunning art–not in the traditional sense, however. No paper is involved. Faur uses the blunt end of many crayons to make images; much like digital images are made of pixels.

Let’s take a look at baking soda now. Baking soda is an essential ingredient in many baking recipes. For Arm & Hammer, the baker market was limited. A & H asked, how can we sell more baking soda? The absorbing nature of baking soda sparked an idea: it’s a deodorizer! Put A & H in the refrigerator to neutralize those foul odors. Brilliant, million-dollar idea.

Arm & Hammer and Christian Faur both took an everyday product and mashed it together with creativity and innovative thinking to create a whole new product. Crayons are not only for drawing, nor is baking soda just for baking. It is taking that creative leap that can make new products out of old ones.

Consider the uses of your product, service or talents. How can they be stretched in new directions?

Photo by Kasey Albano

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