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Posted by on Nov 28, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

How the MS Cure Could Cure your Business

Italian doctors may have found a surprisingly simple cure for MS. Italian doctors have discovered by simply opening the bloodflow to the brain, 73% of patients had no symptoms of MS after two years. Incredible that such a simple solution could have such an incredible impact.

The procedure that could prevent the over 2.5 million people suffering from MS, might shed some light on how emerging and established industry leaders can make their businesses more effecient. Often times, managers have a narrow view of the entire operation. For instance, let’s say you oversee a team of managers, who then oversee entry level employees. You rely on those managers to give you a realistic picture of what’s happening on the ground floor.

One of your managers appears to be productive, but in reality, they push the people they oversee to work harder so the manager doesn’t have to work as hard. As their superior, you might not see this — as long as they appear productive, you think everything is going swimmingly.

Of course, appearances can be deceiving. Just as the blocked bloodflow in MS patients, you might not at first see the problem. It might be helpful to have an annual internal review, whereby everyone is graded anonymously. This approach will empower those under the unproductive manager to speak up — give you the real scoop. This will help you identify where you have a block in your business. From that point, you can handle the situation accordingly. It is such a simple approach to making a productive, more efficient workforce.

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