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Posted by on Nov 6, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

Don’t Just Say It, Dissolve It

Creativity in advertising often involves a witty tag or thought-provoking image. That’s great, but take it a step further. Go off the page and start to think multi-dimensional. What better company to do that than the Creative Review. The Creative Review recently released its new magazine in a special bag. Typically, the plastic sleeve that protects the magazine gets thrown out along with the annoying inserts. However, the Creative Review took this innocuous element and made it buzzworthy.

The Creative Review made the plastic magazine sleeve out of biodegradable material so it would dissolve in water. Though this new sleeve is not going to radically curb global warming, its carries symbolic value that speaks to the Creative Review’s commitment to the environmental.

The key take-away here is how can you make your company not just say your core mission, but actually do it. Is it developing an internal bike service to cut-down on emissions or is it as simple as creating a bio-degradable magazine sleeve. To create impact, it’s not just enough to say you’re remarkable, you have to act and be remarkable.

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