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Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Best of Us Challenge

The Best of Us Challenge is a competition to create some buzz for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It’s not your standard competition, however. It’s all about the b-sports like hula hooping. And to top it off, you’re being challenged by Olympians. Michael Phelps will challenge you to speed putting, professional snowboarder Lindsay Jacobells will challenge you to a hula hooping contest and the list goes on.

And not only can you post your performance, you can create different challenges. Those contestants that come out on top get a chance to go to the Winter Olympics. This contest works on many levels to engage users that other promotional campaigns could take note from:

Have Fun: Start with a fun concept. If you’re constantly thinking about how to make your product or service buzzworthy, you’re going to talk about the product or service, not the fun.

Be Relevant: It wouldn’t make sense for the Winter Olympics to have mural painting contest. Though it might spark some fantastic user-generated art, it wouldn’t be all that relevant to the Winter Olympics. Keep focused. The creatives behind the campaign had the insight to identify the fun elements of sports: b-level or non-sports. Putting might be a part of gulf, but it’s by no means an actual sport.

Have a Face: Whether it’s Olympic athletes or a local hero, put a face to your campaign. It’s easier to identify with a human than an abstract concept.

Allow for Participation: In today’s digital age, there are many sharing platforms to engage your audience. Best of Us Challenge utilizes YouTube, but you could use Facebook Connect or Twitter (think Twestivals). Additionally, you can feature the user generated content on your site while promoting it on the uploading platform as well.

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