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Posted by on Sep 17, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Banner Ad Zapper and Disruptive Media

AdBlock Plus delivers on its name: it blocks online ads. It is a plug-in I recently discovered for FireFox. As I browse the web, I take some enjoyment in zapping ads. Visa… you thought I’d ever click on you… Macy’s, not a chance…

This ad blocking plug-in almost became a game. I’d search for banner ads to block; I’d search and destroy. Then I realized something: banner ads. As a part of Gen Y, I grew up on the web. As such, I’ve grown accustomed to banner ads and consequently blocked them from my periphery.

Ironically, it was the AdBlocker that turned my focus to the very thing I was fighting against: ads. Disruptive media is not disruptive for those that grew up on the web. It’s ignored media. Banner ads, whether they dwell above the headline or in the middle of a blog post, are mentally tagged as spam.

As Generation Y steps in the shoes of their parents, serious questions surrounding marketing are going to emerge. That’s not to say the Google search advertising is going to fade. I’ve click on sponsored links if they can 1) appear to provide better information that what is currently in the search results and 2) is recognizable as a credible source.

The “take the shoe survey” banner ad, flashing in every primary color, is not going to get my attention–particularly when I’m researching new media. Chances are, I’ve already scrolled you out of existence.

Where brands can focus their energy is social influencer marketing. Give your brand to those who want to discuss it. What online communities are going to care about your product or service? If you’re selling shoes, identify the key influencers in social media (this might take time, but well worth finding the right people and targeting them in the right place) that want to know about shoes. Give your product to community leaders and let them be the judge of whether or not you’re “the most comfortable shoe,” or “the most durable flatware.” Or, you can hire a social influencer marketing firm, like Trendsta, and they will do it for you.

Point-in-case: don’t make the claims, let someone else make them for you.

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