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Posted by on Nov 1, 2009 in Marketing | 0 comments

Alarm Clock and Understanding Your Audience

For my last birthday, I received an alarm clock with an iPod / iPhone dock so I could listen to music in the apartment (a CD player is as useful as an 8-track at this point). It had several great features including a play list alarm so I could wake up to my favorite song. It was what I wanted and so consequently, I stowed the other alarm.

In the move from Rochester to Philadelphia, I started using the other alarm clock — as the iPod clock was in storage. When I finally unpacked in Philadelphia, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to use the iPod alarm clock. Then I realized the iPod alarm clock didn’t have the interface I needed in an alarm clock.

The old alarm clock had the information I needed. When the alarm was set, I could see the time. Ok, so it’s not 7:00pm. I couldn’t tell when the alarm was set with the iPod alarm clock. Therefore, had I taken a nap the previous day, the alarm clock wouldn’t tell me. There were two symbols (alarm 1, alarm 2) — nothing else.

Nothing is wrong with the iPod alarm clock. It suites the needs of its audience — primarily an mp3 player and an alarm secondly. I was a bad consumer. Really, I wanted an iPod doc, not an alarm clock. Therefore, I could have saved a few pennies and purchased the iPod doc separately.

So why am I blabbering on about my alarm clock? For marketers, though you might have mound of great data on your demo and pyschographics, you can never really know who they are. There are always going to be several customers that will tell you what they want, but in actuality, they have absolutely no idea.

Everyone has an opinion about paper towels, though we never actually think about paper towels until we 1) buy them or 2) they fall apart. Sure, I could tell you I enjoy the soft, quilted kind — that paper towel makes me feel nice inside, right? But really, I’ve never thought about paper towels before, therefore I really don’t have an opinion.

Understand that there are a couple of duds in your data and account for them. Not everyone has an opinion about your product, nor do they invest much emotion in them. I would be a liar if I told you I enjoy one paper towel brand over another. To me, it’s all the same.

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