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Posted by on Nov 9, 2009 in Leadership | 0 comments

7-Eleven Sells Wine?

Why walk into a 7-Eleven:

1) Morning coffee
2) Slurpee for hot days
3) Cheap beer for a party
4) Kitchen basics (bread, milk)
5) Wine for a romantic evening?

The convenience store known for their Slurpee is now going to be selling it’s own wine, Yosemite Road label. Fifteen thousand outlets will be offering the private label, “value” wine at $3.99 a bottle. What sparked this new wine venture? Was it misguided focus groups or a complete misread of the market?

First, look at how wine is purchased. If the wine is intended for a last minute pickup for diner, why not go to the liquor store where there is more of a selection? As there are not often many “beer stores,” picking up a six pack at 7 Eleven seems reasonable. There is a designated place for wine (a liquor store) and a designated place for beer (a convenience or grocery store).

Simply put: wine is not a convenience item. Therefore, for 7 Eleven will have to change the cultural image of wine as a whole in order to be successful. Quite a task for a convenience store, but more luck to them.

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