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Posted by on Sep 30, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

Get Off My Social Property

Early in the afternoon I heard the clanking of bottles and a shrill voice yell, “Get off my property,” about five times, consecutively. I imagined it to be a homeless man scrounging for bottles in the garbage across the street and the homeowner whom he was taking from got a bit overzealous. It got the wheels turning about brands interaction with consumers in social communities. Often times, fans of social sites consider it to be private property—free of sales and pitchmen (i.e. brands). When brands invade their private property, some yell just like the woman across the street. Most people don’t mind, however. To avoid those outspoken opponents, consider if the homeless man were to take a different approach—one that was not so intrusive—he might find more success. Consider Target. Every year they donate X amount of dollars to several charities. To open the lines of communication with Facebook users, they asked them to allocate their charities dollars for them. Their efforts paid off. They garnered significant traffic and...

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Posted by on Sep 29, 2009 in Business Development | 0 comments

Keeping your Head in the Paper Disco

This paper disco animation video is fantastic. From a conceptual and craftsmanship perspective, this short gets an A+. Not only is it fun to watch, it’s awe-inspiring because the amount of time that went into its production is incredible. Stop motion animation is a great example of how burgeoning entrepreneurs should look at their business in the long term. There are hundreds of images in the paper disco animation—thin slices that when put together, create amazing entertainment. The same goes for entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of decisions you have to make—all culminating in the success of your enterprise. The incredible labor that goes into a business plan, the investor presentation, hundreds upon hundreds of conversations and hours poured into your business actually means something. In the middle of the chaos in the entrepreneur’s world, it’s important to monitor your progress and take notice of your incremental success. To see your tireless efforts are paying off can keep you grounded. The occasional pat on the back is worthwhile in a...

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Posted by on Sep 28, 2009 in Branding | 1 comment

Work Multi-Dimensional

St. Ignazio church in Rome features some of the early multi-dimensional artists that used depth of field to push their craft to new heights (literally). It is multi-dimensional thinking that pushes a craft or profession to the outer limits and revolutionizes what is possible. Too often we are bound to one dimensional thinking; too often we ask, “what can fit inside this frame?” For example, how many lawn care services can one town have? Mowing grass is all the same… it’s one dimensional. What if you dare to be more? What if you incorporated a social mission into your business–give it depth, meaning and character. No longer are you just another lawn care service, you have a emotional connection with the community and do good by your business and those you support. To further illustrate multi-dimensional thinking, I stumbled across this incredible video that embodies many of the key characteristics of multi-dimensional thinking: How does this video work in multi-dimensions: Scrap and Start Anew — The artists that created...

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Posted by on Sep 27, 2009 in Business Development | 2 comments

Tele-Menus and Removing Steps

In preparation of my big move to Philadelphia, PA, I have to call utilities companies to either cancel or begin service. Not the most exciting task, but necessary none-the-less. This means a lot of phone calls which translates into a lot of free time listening to elevator music. Surprisingly, the first four calls I made, I went through one or two tele-menus and was put in touch with a representative. The luck spree could only last so long. I found myself typing tens of numbers into my phone in order to navigate my way to a representative, who then asked me for everything I accomplished in the tele-menus. Then, I would be directed to another department. This is not a unique story by any means. My plight can be shared by many, but there is such a difference between one or two menus and even three or four. One or two is tolerable, but more than that is very frustrating. It is the difference between one menu and three...

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Posted by on Sep 26, 2009 in Branding | 0 comments

Under Armour Doesn’t Care About Me

As most people that buy gym memberships after the holidays, I was really excited about getting into shape. To prepare for my new look, I went to the Under Armour outfitter to buy some work out clothes. I’m a small guy, so I was surprised when all of the gym attire could hardly make it past my arms. My god I thought, should I have been working out before I bought my work out clothes? I’ve seen enormous football players, five times my size, fit into these shirts. After I was able to fit into a large (I’m a small), I looked like I’d gained 50 pounds. Discouraged, I went with Reebok, because I could fit into a medium shirt. On the way home, I realized something– I’m not supposed to wear Under Armour. The designers at Under Armour do not want me to buy their clothing. I’m a skinny guy just under six feet tall. Had they wanted me to buy their apparel, they would have used the...

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